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Rende is the best social app for connecting with friends 

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Our goal is to help build your community. We're creating a super-social tool to make it seamless for you to bring people together. 

Find your people and start to connect your Rende Crew. 

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Our smart group chat makes it easy to collaborate and set a clear plan.

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People are more connected, yet disconnected than ever. Rende was created to solve this problem. 

Watch this incredible Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle to gain perspective on "Our Why" and join an essential movement to reconnect society in a digital world. Let's change the world, face-to-face!

Connected, but Alone


"I love how easy Rende makes it create and share events. Rende is helping me build my community through meaningful moments!"


"Rende is like MeetUp and Facebook Events 2.0. It’s lightweight, authentic and I appreciate that there’s no noise or advertising."

Bring People Together.

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